Prime Time Generation

A fellowship group for people over 40 at the Church of the Good Shepherd.  We are dedicated to achieving peak performance in every aspect of life: spiritual, emotional, and recreational.

Join us for our monthly social activities — whether it’s visiting LACMA, hiking in Griffith Park, attending an Oscar-viewing party, taking an Argentine tango dance lesson, going to a Dodger game, concert in the park, or meeting for wine tasting and networking — it’s bound to be fun; and a great way to meet new people who share common interests, a common faith, and common values.

If your goal is to live with a little more zest, a little more humor, and a little more friendship, come join us! Contact the Parish Office to provide the ministry coordinator with your contact information or visit our Facebook Page to stay up to date on all our activities: PrimeTime FaceBook Page

Until then - check out the Parish Calendar for upcoming events!