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Martha's Kitchen

When Jesus visited the home of Martha and Mary, Mary sat at his feet listening to him teach while Martha was in the kitchen preparing a meal. We are often reminded of the good choice Mary made, but we must remember that Martha is also a saint! So when the time came to name our food ministry, we chose to honor Martha.

Every Friday morning from 6:00am - 8:30am. Ministry volunteers
prepare and serve a fresh, nutritious breakfast to anyone in need.
All our guests are welcomed and greeted with courtesy and respect.
They may take as much as they need and stay as long as they like,
enjoying a second cup of coffee while reading the day's newspaper.

You are invited to join Martha's Kitchen and help as you are able. In addition to those who serve on Friday mornings, there is also a Thursday evening preparation crew, those who shop and plan menus and take care of all the details necessary to ensure the ministry proceeds smoothly, a time of grace for guests and hosts alike.

Call the Parish Center office for Ministry Coordinator contact information.